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Migrating HPC Workloads to the Cloud

By in Industry Trends on October 28, 2019

While public clouds have been used for HPC for at least the past decade, several key challenges have traditionally slowed the adoption of cloud computing for HPC: Slow, high-latency interconnects High virtualization overhead and poor isolation from other workloads Data staging challenges and costs (getting large data sets into and out of the cloud) Moving […]

The Role of IBM Spectrum Scale (aka GPFS) in the Enterprise

By in Storage on April 21, 2017

IBM Spectrum Scale (formerly known as GPFS) is a high-performance, highly scalable global file system that provides a single namespace to data. Given its long history with high-performance computing (HPC) and data-intensive media and data stream serving applications, Spectrum Scale has traditionally been viewed as a niche data solution: complex to install, optimize, and maintain, […]

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