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3D XPoint: Four Ways It Will Disrupt HPC

By in Industry Trends on November 30, 2016

3D XPoint is a dramatic new memory technology developed jointly by Intel and Micron. Intel claims that 3D XPoint is 1,000 times faster than NAND, has 1,000 times its endurance, and is 10 times denser than DRAM. Thus, this non-volatile computer storage medium could significantly disrupt current HPC technologies. This technology is more than just […]

Vectors: How the Old Became New Again in Supercomputing

By in Industry Trends on August 17, 2016

Vector instructions, once a powerful performance innovation of supercomputing in the 1970s and 1980s became an obsolete technology in the 1990s. But like the mythical phoenix bird, vector instructions have arisen from the ashes. Here is the history of a technology that went from new to old then back to new. But first, a few […]

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