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Coding applications so that computations can be simultaneously distributed across many cores or GPUs is the key to taking advantage of High Performance Computing architectures. Our expertise in custom software development, code optimization and porting, and workflow management technology makes RedLine your source for improving the speed and efficiency of your HPC system.

  • Custom Software Development and Code Optimization. RedLine is an expert in the APIs used to restructure code for parallelization across multiple cores or GPUs, including MPI, OpenMP, OpenCL and MPI-IO. We will benchmark and profile your applications to determine the best parallelization method for your needs. Our experience with optimizing applications, from numerical models to I/O intensive codes in a clustered environment, increases both code performance and HPC system capability.
  • Code Porting. When HPC codes must be adapted to a new system, RedLine handles all code porting, with the expertise needed to avoid common problems that occur during such transitions due to differences between compilers, runtime environments, chip architectures, interconnects and parallel filesystems. The ability to adapt to a new system more effectively allows for a quicker return on your HPC system investment.
  • Workflow Management. Let RedLine help you simplify your HPC system workflow by identifying, configuring, and implementing the right workflow management software for your needs. This advanced software enables you to efficiently monitor and manage the complex dependencies that exist between different HPC jobs.

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