Enterprise IT Technical Infrastructure

Your IT infrastructure provides critical support to your business. It must be reliable, scalable, secure, and available at all times in order to maximize efficiency and satisfy Service-Level Agreements. RedLine provides a full range of services to support both commercial and federal IT infrastructure environments, including monitoring, deployment, cloud services, configuration management, and more.

  • Monitoring Tools. Effective monitoring is vital to maintaining your infrastructure’s stability, optimizing its performance, and detecting problems early via trend analysis. RedLine has decades of operational experience with monitoring tools such as Nagios, PCP, Graphite, Big Brother, and Xymon to help keep your infrastructure in optimal condition.
  • Deployment Tools. Deployment automation technology enables the rapid implementation of consistent solutions across multiple instances in your environment. RedLine is an expert in the full range of deployment tools, including Foreman, Satellite, Jenkins, and many others.
  • Infrastructure Applications. The primary purpose of an IT infrastructure is to host applications, users, and data using a variety of services and tools. RedLine has in-depth expertise configuring and optimizing most of today’s infrastructure applications, including the following:
    • OpenLDAP/389 Server
    • DNS Bind
    • Virtualization (VMware, Xen, KVM)
    • Apache/Tomcat/Websphere
    • PostgreSQL, Oracle, MariaDB, MySQL, MongoDB
    • DRBD, NFS, CIFS, OCFS, GlusterFS, GFS
    • Security: Kerberos, SELinux.
  • Cloud Services. Migrating applications to a private or secure public cloud is an increasingly popular choice among businesses seeking to provision resources more efficiently. A partnership with RedLine gives you access to our expertise with a wide array of cloud technologies and services, including Amazon Web Services (AWS), Cleversafe, and OpenStack.
  • Data Backup, Recovery, and Disaster Recovery. Using tools such as Tivoli Storage Manager (TSM), Veritas NetBackup, and EMC Networker, we will cost-effectively reduce the chances of disaster affecting your system – and mitigate the effects if disaster should strike. Sleep easier at night knowing that your crucial data is protected by RedLine’s expert engineers.
  • Enterprise Storage. In these times of rapidly expanding data volume, using a cost-effective, scalable enterprise storage solution is critical to most IT infrastructures. RedLine will analyze your requirements to design, operate, and manage a variety of enterprise storage solutions, including NetApp & EMC, IBM and DDN.
  • Configuration Management. A well run IT infrastructure requires strict configuration management – one that includes precisely the processes, procedures, and tools best suited for your specific environment. RedLine’s experience provisioning, patching, configuring, and managing operating systems and applications means we’ll maximize the functionality of your system’s critical components, with tools such as Puppet, Chef, Satellite, and Ansible.
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