High Performance Storage and Networking

Some HPC systems include storage and networking technologies rarely found in enterprise computing environments, each adding a layer of complexity to system deployment, operations, and maintenance. Redline guides clients successfully through this complex technological terrain.

  • Parallel Filesystems. Speed, performance, and scalability are hallmarks of parallel filesystems. Not all HPC systems require parallel filesystems. For those that do need parallel filesystems such as for I/O-intensive applications, it’s vital to carefully consider application requirements and total cost of ownership. RedLine is an expert in integrating, deploying, and supporting filesystems including GPFS, Lustre, Panasas, and others.
  • Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM). HPC systems generate massive amounts of data. HSMs provide tiered storage, allowing data to migrate from high-performance Tier 1 storage to more cost-effective options such as NFS or tape. RedLine has decades of experience in designing, selecting, implementing, and sustaining HSMs such as HPSS and LTFS-EE.
  • HPC Interconnects. Options exist for both proprietary and non-proprietary interconnects within the context of HPC. Careful consideration of application bandwidth and latency requirements factor greatly in the choice of interconnect. RedLine will help guide your selection of interconnect technologies such as Infiniband, Omni-Path, Ethernet or vendor specific proprietary options.

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