HPC Systems Deployment / Management

As the size of your HPC cluster increases, so do the complexities for managing that cluster. RedLine guides you through the selection, installation, and optimization of the sophisticated tools that manage clusters through every phase of your system’s lifecycle.

  • Cluster Management Tools. Choosing the right cluster management tool – the starting point to building and operating your cluster – is a complex process. It’s paramount to measure your system requirements against the capabilities of the tool under consideration – and your staff’s ability to manage it. RedLine is seasoned in selecting and implementing the perfect cluster management tool for your needs from among the many choices in the marketplace, including Bright Cluster Manager, xCAT, Rocks, and many others.
  • Job Schedulers. The HPC cluster’s job scheduler is the focal point of user access to the cluster. Proper setup and management of complex schedulers ensure that the appropriate compute resources are available, with the right configuration. RedLine has deep experience implementing and fine-tuning job schedulers such as LSF, SLURM, PBS Pro, and others.
  • System Monitoring. Robust system monitoring that goes beyond failure notification is crucial to optimal HPC operations. RedLine combines real-time monitoring with vital historic performance data to identify trends and ensure optimal system health and performance over time. RedLine has extensive installation and integration experience with systems monitoring tools such as Nagios and Xymon as well as Performance CoPilot and Graphite and Grafana.
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