HPC Program Analyst

Job Description:

RedLine Performance Solutions (RedLine) has been in the HPC solutions engineering services business for approximately 17 years and is consistently determined to keep the “bar of excellence” quite high for new hires. This enables RedLine to accomplish what other firms cannot and promotes a high level of staff retention. We offer services ranging from full life cycle HPC systems engineering to remote managed services to HPC program analysis. We are located in the Washington, DC area and are looking for a HPC Program Analyst to join us.

We have a team of HPC Engineers who design, implement, upgrade, optimize, and support a wide range of HPC solutions from a variety of HPC vendors. This team focuses on HPC systems-level work across a variety of commercial and Federal customers. Although we have strong relationships with HPC vendors, one of our corporate discriminators is we have enough expertise and experience to be vendor agnostic to best meet our customers’ unique requirements. The work is tremendously interesting with no end to the learning curve.

RedLine is seeking a High Performance Computing (HPC) Program Analyst to support the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Agency (NOAA) research supercomputers for NOAA’s National Environmental Satellite, Data and Information Service (NESDIS). NOAA Scientists develop and use sophisticated numerical models and computer simulations to improve our understanding and prediction of the behavior of the atmosphere, the oceans, and climate. These scientists focus on model-building relevant for society, such as hurricane research, prediction, and seasonal forecasting, and understanding global and regional climate change. This position supports the Operations to Research (O2R) aspect by installing, validating and updating operational codes and supporting libraries on research supercomputers.

This is a multi-year position in College Park, MD.
U.S. citizenship and the ability to obtain a Public Trust security clearance are mandatory requirements

Job Responsibilities:

  • Provide the customer base with multi-level user support.
  • Conduct investigations and tests of complex scientific software systems to enhance performance or to investigate and resolve matters of significance
  • Compile, configure, install, test, and support commercial, government, and/or open source applications as needed or assigned
  • Recommend corrections in complex scientific applications and analysis to enhance performance or to port application to a new system/hardware architecture
  • Provide documentation of new or existing scientific applications
  • Design, develop, troubleshoot and analyze software programs to ensure compatibility with hardware systems
  • Customize software based upon research and customer needs
  • Coordinate and facilitate communications with other groups/organizations and/or vendors to investigate and resolve software matters of significance and to ensure proper functioning of systems
  • Maintain communication with management and customers regarding status of software modifications, developments, and problems
  • Consulting with users via the NOAA RDHPCS ticketing system (OTRS)

Required Skills/Experience:

  • 7 years experience and BS in related field
  • Fortran 90, C, C++ (Intel and GNU compilers)
  • MPI/OpenMP
  • Unix (Linux)
  • Experience developing scripts in a scripting language such as Python, perl, bash, etc
  • Parallel job execution and scheduling (e.g., Slurm, Moab, LSF)
  • Parallel profiling and debugging
  • Experience with scientific computing
  • Scientific libraries such as BLAS/LAPACK/MKL
  • Performance monitoring tools
  • Debugging tools
  • Application performance tuning and optimization experience
  • Utilities such as sed/awk
  • Software version control such as Git, Subversion
  • Comfortable working with users and system issues

Desirable Skills:

  • Familiarity with weather applications such as WRF, NetCDF/HDF5 libraries, etc.
  • Comfortable with working in “interrupt” mode
  • Familiarity with applications in Numerical Weather Prediction such as Gridpoint Statistical Interpolation (GSI), Global Forecast System (GFS), Weather Research and Forecasting (WRF), and Hurricane-WRF.
  • Experience with cloud computing systems and technologies
  • Experience with various data formats and libraries including NetCDF/HDF5, BUFR, etc.

Travel required: Minimal

Please email hr@redlineperf.com with your resume if this opportunity is of interest to you.

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