Integration Services

We’ll help you integrate specific products and technologies into your existing environment, applying our RedLine Performance Methodology to ensure your requirements and expectations are met. And we’ll work closely with your staff to avoid unplanned interruptions to operations.

Parallel file systems and cluster management software are technologies that RedLine is frequently called upon to help integrate.

Parallel file systems provide tremendous benefits when properly designed, implemented, and optimized for performance. These complex systems require hard-to-find senior experts to deploy and resolve issues and optimize capabilities. We provide proven subject matter expertise for Lustre and IBM’s General Parallel File System (GPFS). RedLine staff members will work with you to define detailed requirements and objectively recommend, design, implement, and maintain parallel file systems. We’re uniquely positioned to apply in-depth expertise to parallel file system performance tuning, fully exploiting vendor-specific features relative to the balance of performance, price, and capacity.

Cluster management software is highly complex and absolutely critical to the stability, performance, and value of a high-performance computing (HPC) system. RedLine provides integration services for multiple cluster management solutions such as xCat, Bright Cluster Manager, and ROCKS. We remain vendor-neutral to provide you with objective expert guidance.

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