Operations & Maintenance

For systems already in use, RedLine ensures you obtain the highest return on your IT infrastructure investment. Services include:

  • Performance tuning
  • Code optimization
  • Problem determination and resolution
  • Workload and system profiling
  • System administrator and user training

RedLine leverages its successful experience in a range of HPC environments where service-level agreements mandate 24/7 support and strict 99 percent uptime or greater. We take a holistic approach to systems management, including system design and monitoring, change management policies and procedures, regular software and security updates, and more. We adhere to industry best practices such as the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL).

You’ll benefit from our automated, proactive monitoring and management of mission-critical systems, increasing uptime and reducing mean time to repair. The rich data made possible by our unique System Monitoring Toolkit provides valuable insights for maximizing the capabilities of your system and projecting future requirements.

Our IT infrastructure staff applies multi-discipline, multi-vendor expertise in a wide variety of HPC and non-HPC customer environments. Our engineers have years of experience with web technologies, VMware, NetApp storage, Linux, and Microsoft Windows. We focus on infrastructure stability, performance, and availability with an “always operational” mindset.

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