System Optimization

When complex solutions are not optimized to their full potential, the result is often unmet expectations. We leverage decades of experience with complex systems from multiple vendors to assess the health of your solution and to optimize performance.

Health Assessments: Using a non-optimized solution will likely lead to under-utilized capacity, reduced capability, mission compromise, user dissatisfaction, more frequent procurements, and other costly problems.

Avoid these challenges with a System Health Assessment that includes analysis of your solution’s system-level components. In just a week or two, we inspect your systems, network infrastructure, storage subsystems, and more. Our assessment report includes specific recommendations for improving the capability and capacity of your solution.

Performance Tuning: Performance tuning allows you to maximize value from your existing system, postpone capital costs of new hardware acquisition, or signal the need for an augmentation or upgrade strategy going forward.

This service includes:

  • Baselining of existing performance and evaluation based on expected performance
  • Monitoring/Collection of data on system usage to evaluate/troubleshoot problem areas
  • Resolution of identified systems issues, whether current problems or trends
  • Evaluation of security and assessment of external and internal risks that could impact system production
  • Recommendations for adjustments and implementation of solutions to help you get the most from your existing hardware
  • Establishment of new baselines for component and system performance
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